Yoga Alliance Certified                  Teacher Training Programme


Our courses are divided into 50-hour modules so you can focus on one aspect of the program at a time, whilst exploring the world. Each module will be team-taught by experienced professionals with complementary backgrounds and will include hands-on practice, fundamental theory, interactive discussions, essential and optional reading, writing and exams. Modules include: anatomy, ayurveda, philosophy, adjusting & adapting, lifestyle & ethics, history & modern day, styles (yin, hatha, power vinyasa...), mudras & mantras and more!   


Participants can focus on each sub-section 100% for more in-depth learning and long-term retention. Modules can be completed in a fast-track sequence or comfortably spread over time to enjoy the balance of your current and future career. Unlike crash courses or local programs, we offer you a diverse array of venues across the planet and diverse colleagues to build your learning experience into a life-changing adventure. Although nothing beats live contact, we will offer our globe-trotting trainees a few virtual classroom sessions and digital / online tools.  


200-hour standard entry level certification covers all key requirements for the world's leading authorities. 300 level takes you a step beyond, to deepen and expand your expertise. 500 level combines both programs to ensure optimal exposure to the array of topics you'll need to understand and to properly guide your students. Since the journey to enlightenment is never-ending, we have also been certified as continuing education providers and will offer fresh new modules every year for an inspiring boost any time!