Voyages inédits / Unusual Retreats

Treat yourself to a week of healthy adventures with

Bridget Jennings & Iain Kevin Waite.

Faites vous du bien tout en explorant le monde avec  Bridget Jennings & Iain Kévin Waite.

Taste Italy's famous dolce vita with a refreshing, mindful twist. Discover how fitness & fare niente  go hand in hand!

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Savourez la dolce vita, avec une touche délicieuse de fitness physique et mental -

avanti tutti!

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Escape whatever brings you down and explore what brings you up in India, a true haven where wellness is a way of life!

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Partez à l'aventure sur les plages mythiques du sud de l'Inde pour une semaine de renaissance absolue!

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Connect with your true potential in a magical place - expand your horizons like never before amidst the sultry sounds of Cuba!

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Reconnectez avec votre rythme naturel dans un lieu mythique, explorez de nouveaux horizons à la musicalité exaltante!  Cliquez ici pour +d'infos

Slow things down a spell, heat things up, or take a trip back in time to a place where joy pervades all ! 

Join us on the pristine beaches of Playas del Este where the father of Cuban yoga will help you discover a whole new aspect of this ancient lifestyle, the local chef will delight your tastebuds with organic, homegrown meals, the OldTown crooners will teach you how to move to the Caribbean beat and the waters will soothe your soul....

The mind is like water, when it's quiet you can see more clearly.

Cuban waters are crystal clear so you can understand at last what your soul has been trying to tell you.

750€ per person for double occupancy beachside bungalors, 3 daily yoga classes, full room and board, healthy meals, sunset cruise, optional spa treatments and massages... total feel good rejuvenation ! 1,000€ for a full week of private, single occupancy zen VIP bungalos. 

Profitez du printemps pour vous ressourcez au berceau du bien-être! une semaine clef en main d'équilibre entre calme, force, renouveau et zenitude hors pair!

Join us here ! Rejoignez nous ici ! €750 twin bungalo, €1,000 private bungalo.

Full board, daily yoga, personalized coaching, healthy meals, gorgeous beaches, ayurvedic spa (optional massages...). Contact me for further assistance in preparing for this unforgettable experience!